The Experience Of Hope And Redemption In My Life

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My life felt as if it had no constants. There were no people who were constant, there was no constant happiness, or no constant sadness either. Life was filled twists and turns, and i didn’t really know where things would end up next. In spite of this, i held on to the belief that things would get better. Michael Morpurgo, Author of children’s books and novels, once said, “Wherever my story takes me, however dark and difficult the time, there is always some hope and redemption.” I believe this to be true because I have experienced this first hand. Even though there were times of struggle in my life, there was always something better awaiting.
For most of my childhood I lived in Topeka Kansas with my father and two brothers. Our mother was
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On the day my dad was going to get his test results, my little brother and I went with him, and our father told us that we were going to visit Doctor Charlie Worm, and he was going to tell my dad what was wrong with him. Then my father told us something that i will never forget, and he made sure not to sugar coat it. He said to my brother and I, “Kids, if the doctor tells you guys to leave the room when he talks to me, then you know it is bad news, but if he doesn 't ask you to leave, then the news will be good.” That was startling to hear, and I hoped that this doctor guy did not ask us to leave that room. We finally arrived at the doctor 's office, and we went back to wait in the room. When the doctor walked in the room I looked at his face immediately, making sure he didn 't look upset, but he seemed fine really, and gave us kids a big smile. Despite what my father had said, he did not ask us to step out of the room, but the news was not good at all. I still remember his words, he said,”Tim, i 'm sorry to tell you this, but you have cancer, and it is already in the final stages.” My father replied, “How much time do I have?” and the doctor said, “only a few months.” It felt as if my body had went numb, and my heart felt like it fell to the floor. Nothing would ever be the same. The man who had took care of me my whole life, the man I had loved my whole life, was going to

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