Moving as a Child

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Moving as a Child

Some things in life are just meant to happen. Fate brought me to the seat I am sitting at, in this university, miles and miles from where I was born. I never thought I would move. The idea was inconceivable for an eight-year-old girl. Life was an endless cycle of days spent chasing butterflies, catching ladybugs, and blowing apart dandelions while nights were full of stars, crickets, and peace. I have learned since that moment that fate has a different idea in mind, one of its very own, and sometimes, no matter how much we struggle, no matter how much we cry out in resistance, we must all give way to the pull of the chains, and let fate have its way.

One day, or what better describes it, one moment, all those butterflies and all the stars disappeared. My Mother’s job was moving us to Texas. Fate decided it was time for me to grow up and these objects I loved so much were toys that would interfere with learning. So fate took them away, and in their place I was handed Texas. Now, to hand an eight-year-old something like Texas, especially when she had possessed Oklahoma, is like taking the crown jewels from the royals and giving them cubic-zirconium. It just didn’t work. At the first hint of moving I'll admit that I was excited. The imagination of a little girl can run wild with possibilities when she is catapulted into the sky of the unknown. I do believe I was launched further and higher than any of my family ever expected. At that realization, reality decided to intervene and spin me around the dance floor. I was quickly pulled out of my school in the middle of fourth grade; torn from friends I'd had my entire, though short, life. Gone in a snap was everything I'd ever known to be...

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...hich make up a strong individual.

All those butterflies I spent my childhood chasing became trapped inside my stomach but, rather than set them free, I made them apart of me. I made myself meet new people, become outgoing and involved. I have more friends than I could ever ask for, two of which will still be there when I am old and grey. What more could a person ever ask for? I feel privileged to have moved as a child. I am honored fate chose me to drag along on its wild and unseen journeys. Life is not about being in the moment; it is about taking those moments and making them apart of who you are. A part of me will always be that little girl chasing butterflies but, I'll also be the strong woman who will stand up for what she believes in and for those that she loves. I owe that part of me to the spontaneity of fate when it came pulling my chains.
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