The Evolution of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement

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The Evolution of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement

American civil rights were a movement against racial segregation and discrimination in the southern United Sates during the decade of 1950´s. thanks to these series of protest minorities started getting more independence, and more equal rights. In order that, many groups were formed like Chicanos, La Raza Unida, and Los Cinco with the purpose of obtain equality and freedom. Therefore, many court cases emerged in order to change discrimination.
The Chicano movement was a cultural as well as a political movement, helping to construct new, and transnational cultural identities. The farmworkers movement called for better wages and to be protected against discrimination, the group of farmers was called La Raza Unida who played an important role in the rights of equality in Texas.
The 14th amendment establishes that all people in United States have the same rights, and cannot be discriminate against people or groups of people randomly. In order that, with the case Hernandez vs. Texas a Mexican Pete Hernandez was wrongly accused of murder. He was judged only for white jurors, and they wrongly accused Pete for been Mexican. Hernandez thought that it was unfair because it was not a jury of his peers. Therefore, he argued that if people who do not like Mexicans judged him, and then clearly they would say he was guilty. This case went to the Supreme Court and Mexicans and other minorities were finally allowed to be part of the jury. This court case helped establish Mexicans as a separate ethnicity from whites and blacks.
Another important court case was Mendez vs. Westminster School district, which was a precedent of racism in schools. Mendez emigrated from Mexico to Orange County...

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...federal government sent election registrars to areas with high rate of discrimination. Black people continued to practice their right to vote no matter the consequence, for they knew that the moment they give up, they give in.
Finally, The civil rights movement was definitely significant to our growing as a nation. Americans that experienced any kind of discrimination are protected for the laws. Minorities have equal rights and although there still is racism today it is a lot less than there was back then. Thanks to Mendez, Hernandez and all the people who created groups against discrimination the American society today is a fair and equal one that is just to all. In addition, the Civil Rights Act made racial discrimination illegal in hotels, motels restaurants, schools, and public accommodations. Also created the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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