The European Union and Airlines

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The European Union and Airlines Situation: Throughout the time one of the most regulated industries has been the airline industry. The creation of the European Union (EU) had allowed for the airlines from those countries to fly among each other’s with fewer regulations. This deregulation has propelled a wave of changes for the carriers based on these countries. One of these changes is the proliferation of strategic alliances as the globalization of this market increases. These alliances are created with the purpose of lowering costs by reducing the number of aircrafts in service, sharing maintenance staff and buying together bigger quantities of supplies like fuel. A study shows that in 1995 only a third of the intercontinental alliances in 1992 were still in service. One of the most successful international alliances is the one between KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Northwest Airlines. After creating the alliance with Northwest, KLM was able to reduce costs by increasing the percentage of travelers on their flights. What made this alliance possible was a treaty signed in 1992, that allow for airlines companies from the United States and Netherlands to fly into each other’s markets. In this alliance the two airlines have code sharing; one can book seats in the others flights. Based on the opinions of experts, KLM and Northwest need to launch a market campaign so the general public perceives them as one company. As well to standardize service on each carrier so the passengers feel comfortable flying either one. The second of the alliance is the proposed between American Airlines and British Airways. This alliance provoked a lot of controversy. This alliance faces a great number of regulatory obstacles; given th... ... middle of paper ... needed to he goal of Global Market. Bibliography: Bibliography Center For Trade Policy Studies November 24, 1998 “Opening U.S. Skies to Global Competition” CNN Financial ( February 15, 1999 “U.S. aims to open U.K. skies” Dawn Wire Service, Issue: 05/19 May 8, 1999 “Pakistan, US sign ‘open skies’ accord” CNN Financial ( May 14, 1999 “U.S. tries to open skies again” CNN Financial ( May 10, 1999 “Alitalia ties with NWA, KLM” CNN Financial ( June 9, 2000 “Global air deals grounded” U.S. Department of Transportation ( /briefing.htm) Office of Public Affairs November 15, 2000 “United States, Asia-Pacific Aviation Partners Enter Multilateral Open Skies Agreement” The Wall Street Journal ( February 2, 2001 “EU Weights On US-UK Airline Deal”

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