The Epic of Gilgamesh

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Humans as a society began to truly flourish once they developed the written word. Literature has given all of humanity the chance to express them selves and document the experience that is being human. Something that is utilized in practically every moment of life is often overlooked and underappreciated. One must ask though, what is the purpose of this? One can begin to answer this question when they begin to apply the tools of Mosaix. Language in general is something that has molded and shaped the world, as it is today, a powerful driving force of creativity and ingenuity. It is the fundamental driving force of humanity, through which the story of the individual becomes the story of everyone.
The lives of any person alive can be immortalized through the use of language. Whether it is through the spoken word or the written text. The lives of those who lived thousands of years ago, fictional or real can be relived when these stories are retold. “The Epic of Gilgamesh” is a story that is one that takes this to the extreme. One of the first recorded human stories, it takes one on a journey rooted in ancient mysticism and culture. This aside, the text is oddly relatable; delving into aspects of everyday life that exist to this day. The struggles of love, the bond of friendship, or the grief of loss despite being thousands of years old it still connects with the reader. Mosaix teaches one that there is a common derivative in ever single story that has ever been told: that being the human element. One has most certainly encountered the bond of a close friend such as Enkidu and Gilgamesh (5) or has felt the hurt of losing someone close to his or her heart (9). These encounters within the human culture are ones that have not sproute...

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...llow for all of mankind to connect with one another on several different levels. It may be through sharing experiences with one another, perhaps to unite people together, or even to create new and unique thoughts that otherwise would have been unreachable. This purpose is something that many do not even realize is a reality. This understanding of what language allows the world to do is accomplished with the teaching of Mosaix. Much like language, Mosaix has a purpose as well; this purpose being to allow the individual to achieve an exclusive and often unseen part of humanity. This part deals with the basic human instinct to communicate and understand one another. There is a commonplace and important role that language plays in the lives of every single person that has and will ever live. Mosaix brings to light these roles and where society would be without them (6).
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