The Effects of Vietnam War in The Red Convertible by Louise Erdich

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: An Analysis of Louise Erdich’s “Red Convertible” The “Red Convertible” by Louise Erdich is a realistic short story which presents readers a picture of the effects of the Vietnam War on American Indian families, which reflected the existing situation of Native Americans at that time. Erdrich is of Chippewa Indian decent and is well known for her psychological depth in literature. In the story “Red Convertible” we (as the readers) follow along as Lyman narrates the blissful times of his youth to the tragic death of his brother. Two young brothers, Lyman and Henry set off on an adventure with their new red convertible. On this trip they form a deep bond as brothers. The red convertible is a symbol of their relationship, it reflects the state of the brother’s relationship as it goes up and down. Their bond loosens when Henry is drafted into the War and returns a different person. Louise uses her story to help today’s readers understand the effects of war on families in the 1970’s. The character Lyman is the younger brother of Henry. From a young age Lyman has always been able to take care of himself. Lyman describes himself as “lucky” and having a talent for “always making money” (306). At fifteen he starts out as a simple dishwasher at the Joliet Café. He manages to work his way up to owning the restaurant by sixteen, but tragedy struck and Lyman lost it all. Lyman was a smart young man, he had the restaurant insured. His characteristics are those of a boy trying to grow up too fast. He seems as if he’s in a hurry, trying to catch up to someone. Could he be comparing himself to his older brother Henry? Or could he simply be training to take care of the family as a foreshadowing of Henry leaving. Henry is Lyman’s older brothe... ... middle of paper ... ...rce Personnel's Mental Health, Job Burnout And Other Organizational Related Outcomes." Journal Of Occupational Health Psychology 16.1 (2011): 3-17. PsycARTICLES. Web. 5 May 2014. Sherman, M. D., Sautter, F., Lyons, J. A., Manguno-Mire, G., Han, X., Perry, D., & Sullivan, G. (2005). Mental health needs of cohabiting partners of vietnam veterans with combat-related PTSD. Psychiatric Services, 56(9), 1150-2. Retrieved from Aldwin, C. M., Levenson, M. R., & Spiro, A. ( 1994). Vulnerability and resilience to combat exposure: Can stress have lifelong effectsPsychology and Aging, 9, 34– 44. Works Cited AuthorLastName, FirstName. Title of the Book Being Referenced. City Name: Name of Publisher, Year. Type of Medium (e.g. Print). LastName, First, Middle. "Article Title." Journal Title (Year): Pages From - To. Print.

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