The Effects of Symbols In Tobias Wolff's Say Yes

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The Effects of Symbols In Tobias Wolff's "Say Yes"

The author of the short story "Say Yes," Tobias Wolff, uses a number of symbols

to express his different views on racism throughout the story. Wolff uses this literary

device to express a message to his readers. Symbols, something representing something

else by association resemblance or convention, are used efficiently in this short story.

Wolff uses colors to symbolize a hatred for an alternative race in this short story. The

husband more than once makes reference to dark colors which shows the reader that the

husband sees this world in black and white. The husband sees the world as good vs. evil,

white vs. black society. Furthermore, the reference to color in the short story ?Say Yes?,

symbolizes the husbands strong dislike for African Americans.

Wolff symbolize the husbands strong dislike for African Americans when the husband

states, ?The water had gone a flat gray? (Wolff 518). To some this statement might not

mean much. Wolff?s decision to make reference to dark colors symbolizes the characters

dislike for an alternative race. The choice of dark colors shows it is one of the African

American race. The husband made reference to colors briefly after he and his wife started

discussing differences over the idea of interracial relationships. The heated argument

caused the wife to clean the dishes poorly resulting in dirty dishes. The husband threw the

dishes back into the sink and the water se...

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