The Effects Of The Aging Process

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Aging Process
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Aging process Aging is an indefinite process, where human beings have an increase in age. The increase in the age of an individual is accompanied by changes that occur in the person’s life and body, that are necessitated by the process of growing old. Scientific research, for decades, has focused on the changes that occur during the process of aging and the different factors that influence the changes. The constructs of DNA methylation and DNA oxidation explain the genetic changes that occur in growth and development, and how human beings approach the peak of development with marked changes that make it impossible for the human being to continue living. (Rosset, 2017) Statistics from the World Health Organization reveal that approximately 150,000 people die every day, and 2/3 of those deaths are related to aging and complications that arise from the aging process. The process of aging is, however, influenced by
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There are changes in the physical ability of the person such as general body strength, change in posture, skin integrity and changes in vision and hearing ability. The atrophy of the brain areas such as the frontal lobe and the hippocampus brings about cognitive deficits as the individual becomes older. These are changes in fluid reasoning and memory which decreases as the crystalized knowledge of this individuals increases due to the diversity of information that this person has experienced. The hormone production is also affected by the old causing changes in the metabolism of the individual and the desire to engage in sexual activity. Psychologically, the old person experiences the last stage of psychosocial development, Ego integrity vs. Despair. Ego integrity is associated with positive mental statuses such as happiness and satisfaction while Despair is associated with increased cases of
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