The Effect of Mass On a Spring

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The Effect of Mass On a Spring


I am doing this experiment to find out what effect mass has on a

spring. In order to find out how the spring extends we will need to

add various amounts of weights to the spring.


Ÿ Stand

Ÿ Clamp

Ÿ Spring

Ÿ Weights (Newton's)

Ÿ Metre Ruler

Ÿ Goggles



Once I have all my apparatus set up like above, I will measure the

spring on its own to find its original length. Once I have written

down the measurement in mm's, I will add 1 Newton onto the bottom of

the spring. I will measure to see how long the spring has extended in

mm's. I am measuring the extension of the spring's length in mm's

because the results will be a lot more accurate. I will keep doing

this and measuring the spring to see how long it has extended from the

previous length and the original spring length. I will be doing this

test 4 times going up to 8 Newton's each time. I want to do the test 4

times because I would like to see if there is any pattern in the

extension of the spring.


I predict that the spring will extend each time we add a various

amounts of weights on to the bottom because it will be getting heavier

and heavier causing it to stretch.

Fair Test:

I will be keeping this experiment a fair test by using the same spring

each time I do an experiment and going up to 8 Newton's each time I do

the experiment.


To keep this experiment a fair one, I will be wearing goggles because

the spring may flick up and it could catch you in the eye. I will also

be standing up whilst doing the test as the stand we are using may

fall on you. To prevent the stand from falling you could clamp the

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