The Effect Of Road On Lower Ice And Snow Levels

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The use of road salt to lower ice and snow levels has been used since 1930s. However, reports going as far back as ten years have stated that road salts are actually destroying our natural water sources and aquatic life. While small amounts of salt is important for most living creatures, the increase of salinity levels because of the road salt that is washed off the road either through the ice melting or being pushed off the road by moving cars, pours toxic levels of Chlorine ions into the water that can cause severe damage. People often want to get to destination safe and quickly as possible during snowstorms, but no one ever really thinks where the salt goes after the ice melts. Scientists have given alternates to using road salt, but each winter cities are still using salt to de-frost their roads. Suggestions such as beet juice, high-tech snow machine, etc. were offered but roads salt still piles on to the side of the road building up high concentrations and destroying wildlife. Several media outlets have published articles discussing how road salts are now destroying the delicate eco system. Overall, all five-articles hold a consensus that road salting has an ill effect on the environment and provided sources expert sources. However, some news media failed to source an actual scientist on the issue. In an article written for Discovery News in 2009 by reporter, Jessica Marshall, it was given fair coverage of what road salt is doing to the environment but did not reach out to scientific sources to validate the quotes she collected from the director of a salt factory and the person from the Minnesota Department of Transportation. While the report is not necessarily biased, it does not communicate information from an actual scie... ... middle of paper ... ...raining into surface does not affect many Americans right now, this issue is on the backburner with the various things that have been pushed away. However, this is why more than ever media need to cover this issue because when it starts to affect our water supply and animals and foliage start to fade and die, it will be too late. The articles on a whole had similar beliefs but very different way of presenting the information. They were all unbiased, but some stories had more useful information of the story than others. Readers need enough information to tell a story and vague enough to be inundated with work, and accurate sources to receive the best information that will help both the reader and the writer understand the issue in nonprofessional terms. The question is with so much news already written about this topic, what will our ice roads look like come winter?

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