The EECS Department at Berkeley

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The EECS Department at the University of California, Berkley, has the best and the most comprehensive graduate programs for MS and PhD in Electrical Engineering. Berkeley’s EECS Department stands distinctively apart from other universities.

My research interest of working with coding theory, information theory, multiple access methods, and adaptive equalization, all match considerably with the research focuses of EECS Berkeley’s faculty. EECS Berkeley has the finest faculty and the most developed research facilities in the World of Electrical Engineering, and more specifically, in the field of wireless & mobile communications.


I prepared myself thoroughly for the last two years at my undergraduate institution. To enable myself to apply at Berkeley, I worked hard during the last two years of my undergraduate studies, ultimately obtaining a CGPA of 3.88 in 4.00 and a rank of 8 among the 139 students graduating in February 2004. My GPA's in the last two terms were perfect 4’s.

I have excellent pre-undergrad background, with 10th position in SSC(public exam taken after US Equivalent Grades 9 & 10) and 4th position in HSC(taken after US Equivalent Grades 10 & 11,annual approx. 200000 takers). Then I applied for admission for a B.Sc.Engg. degree at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology(BUET). BUET annually enrolls its students after carefully selecting students who do tremendously well in its competitive admission test covering higher secondary Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & English. In the test administered in 1998, I held the 6th position among approx. 3000 applicants. I selected, without hesitation, BUET’s Electrical & Electronic Engineering Depa...

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...ught the following courses there:

1. EEE 4307-Digital Electronics: taught to 2nd year B.Sc. in EE students (Winter Sem 2004)

2. EEE 4619-Peripherals & Microprocessor-based Design: taught to 3rd year B.Sc. in EE students (Summer Sem 2004)

3. EEE 4620: Lab for students of 3rd year B.Sc. in Elect. Engg. program, related with EEE 4619.(Summer Sem 2004)

4. EEE 4850-VLSI Design Lab: taught to 4th year B.Sc.EE students, related with EEE 4849, (Summer Sem 2004)

The medium of teaching at my department is invariantly English, because my classes include international students.


Apart from academics, I personally maintain a website at I hold a Diploma in French from Alliance Française de Dhaka. I love traveling, and I have traveled extensively within the country and abroad, particularly in India and Singapore.

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