The Discovery of Radioactivity and its Effects

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During the 1800’s, the late 1800’s, scientist discovered radioactivity. The study of radio activity became a phenomenon amongst scientist during this time period. With the discovery of new elements polonium and radium by Marie and Pierre Curie, the use of radioactivity to probe the center of an atom, provided the instructions of a nuclear weapon that will kill innocent Japanese, leaving there face disfigured, and permanently changed. The majority of people know of the effect of radioactivity but not how it was discovered and its close relation to physics.

The discovery of radioactivity can also be referred to the dawn of the nuclear age. Many scientist, were interested in satisfying their curiosity and began to explore nature and the function of atoms. Marie and Pierre Curie was apart of the exploration, being a husband and wife team. Marie and Pierre Curie began their experiment with a uranium-containing ore. The husband and wife team were the first ones who coined the word radioactivity. This term is used to describe the special characteristics of some elements that are radioisotopes. While comparing the activity of pure uranium to a uranium ore sample, they found that the ore was significantly more radioactive than the pure material. They fulfilled that the ore contained additional radioactive components besides the uranium. This observation led to the discovery of two new radioactive elements which they named polonium and radium.

The next scientist to follow the discovery of radioactivity was Ernest Rutherford. Through his accomplishments, many of the aspects of radioactivity were named and characterized by him. Another accomplishment that Ernest Rutherford made was the naming of the language use to make up the ato...

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... that could cause brain loss or deformity in people. Also if the cell has too much radiation and it becomes cancerous then that could spread all across the body therefore killing the person. Doctors use radioactivity in chemotherapy to kill the bad cells in a particular part of a persons body. They have a way to aim the radiation where they want it to go then they shoot it to kill the cancer cells before they spread throughout the body. This causes the person to lose hair because there hair cells are being killed by the radiation as well.

Radiation and transmitted radioactive waves are harmful. When knowledge is provided about the subject it alleviates the ignorance and allows us to be aware. Through history and the discovery of radiation we are able to prevent the spreading of the effect it has on people. Don’t be dumb. Educate yourself on radioactivity.
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