The Disconnect Between John and the Brave New World

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Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley, exemplifies the idea that in an ever-growing modern world, one who demonstrates traditional values about love will be unable to cope up with the questionable morals and differentiating, controversial values present, seen through John’s difficult experience in the Brave New World. In the novel, there is a severe disconnect between what John was taught and the ideals of the Brave New World, which encouraged ruthless, unemotional, and quick interactions with someone found attractive instead of a stable relationship with a loved one. As a result, John struggled greatly to try to adapt to the Brave New World while still trying to maintain his own values, and proved to be unfit to stay there. It is evident that John could have never survived in such a society, due to the great difference in between both of their morals, and the Brave New World’s disapproval of his own values, seen through John’s reaction to the recreational activities, the people in the Brave New World’s mockery of his most favorite pieces of literature, which formed his ideas on love, and finally in his own relationship with Lenina. However, while John’s downward spiral of his mental and emotional state in the Brave New World and his unwillingness to accept their values cause him to leave London, his final conformity and unwilling acceptance to the Brave New World ideals cause the final tragedy at the end of the novel, revealing that he would have never been able to survive in this society, for he was bound to be tainted by their values. When John had recently entered the Brave New World, still open and accepting to everything around him, his first real intimate situation, although it may have been synthetic, shows the beginning of ... ... middle of paper ... ...easures and reckless behavior instead of close connections and marriage, John’s morals continue to cause a significant issue that demonstrates how he would be unable to survive in such a society. While his morals are constantly put to the test, through the different forms of entertainment, his own friend mocking his ways, and his relationship with the girl he loves, they are finally broken in a high-pressure situation at the end of the novel. As a result, John is so guilty and broken after the events that he brings upon his own death. Through this experience, Brave New World exhibits the struggle that someone who has not adapted to the modern world’s ways will face, yet also emphasizes that they should continue to maintain their own ways despite this for the alternative of conforming to society’s ways, which go against your morals, could be even more consequential.
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