The Disciples

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The Disciples

The disciples were followers of Jesus; they learned from him and

preached the word of God. They tried to be as God like as they

possibly could and did many good things.

The first disciples were called whilst they were working. They all

worked as fisherman in Galilee. There were four of them and they were

Simon and his brother Andrew and James and his brother John, sons of

Zebedee. All of the men were normal, ordinary every day people and

were just going about their everyday lives when they were called to be

disciples. Simon and his brother Andrew were the first to be called,

they were catching fish with a net when Jesus approached them and said

"come with me and I will teach you to capture people." By this I think

he meant that he would teach them to capture the hearts and minds of

people everywhere. At once the two men left their nets and went with

him. Jesus travelled a little further and saw James and his brother

john, sons of Zebedee they too were fishing they were in their boat

getting their nets ready when Jesus called them and at once they left

their father and their work and went with Jesus.

People found Jesus` choice of followers unusual for they were just

ordinary people. When I say ordinary I mean that they weren't rich or

well respected within the society nor did they have any proper

knowledge or views on religion, but what people didn't realise was

that there was a reason for this. The reason Jesus picked ordinary

people was because he was trying to prove a point to others about

equality within Gods eyes and that point was that you didn't have to

be rich, religious or well respected within society to be a part of

Gods community for in Gods eyes no matter who you are of what you do

everyone is special. People were also surprised at Jesus` choice of

followers because one of His disciples, Matthew (Levi), was a tax

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