The Differing Methods of the Suffragists and Suffragettes

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The Differing Methods of the Suffragists and Suffragettes The group known as the suffragists of the NUWSS (National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies) consisted of seventeen different societies fighting for the same cause of gaining the right to vote. They had merged together to become the NUWSS under the leadership of Mrs. Millicent Fawcett. The NUWSS were a peaceful protesting agency using their newspaper The Common Cause as their main type of protest. The suffragists did not regard their work as an attack on men but as a reform for the good of everyone. They wanted to convert public opinion. They did not want to antagonize men, but o convince them of the sense of their arguments. The suffragists campaigned peacefully because they were certain that they would achieve their objectives by being peaceful it also said to men that women were responsible enough to have the vote as they could use their minds and not violence. The suffragists used tactics such as public meetings, processions or marches, publishing views and ideas in The Common Cause and petioning in Parliament. The NUWSS asked MP's who showed sympathy towards the women to place forward bills in parliament, in total between years 1870 and 1914 thirty bills were passed before parliament and every single one was blocked by people opposing the suffragists. The NUWSS were once of the liberal party but because with the lack of support with their cause for suffrage it pushed the women to anger. When Herbert Asquith became Prime Minister the NUWSS became annoyed. He was from the liberal party but completely disagrees with the right for women to vote. In 1912 NUWSS took the vote and broke away from the liberals to support the Labour Party. They only supported these candidates in parliament because their political policy included things on female suffrage which was the only party to do so. The NUWSS suspended all political activities until the war, which had been declared two days before the suspension, was over. Although the NUWSS supported the war effort they did not agree with the fact that
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