The Different Values of Hindus and Americans Illustrated in This Blessed House

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“This Blessed House” is a story that focuses on two distinct characters that have a different perception about each other and their religious values. Sanjeev and Twinkle is a Hindu couple in an arranged marriage; these characters represent two different ways of looking at life and appreciating it. In focusing on the characterization of both characters Sanjeev and Twinkle the audience gets an understanding on the different values that Hindus and Americans share and also how religions can affect how people perceive things in life. Religious artifacts

Twinkle is quite an interesting and open minded character indeed. Her real name is Tanima, but she soon corrects her husband “call me Twinkle” (Lahiri 151), when he introduces her to people. Just by the name Twinkle the audience gets an idea of someone who is free spirited and would have a different point of view from most people. “She gets excited and delighted by little things, crossing her fingers before any remotely unpredictable event, like tasting a new flavor of ice cream or dropping a letter in the mailbox. It was a quality he did not understand. It made him feel stupid, as if the world contained hidden wonders he could not anticipate, or see. He looked at her face, which, it occurred to him, had not grown out of its girlhood" (Lahiri 142).

Twinkle has admirable characteristics for a wife from India; in marital relationships women are expected to be docile homemakers, as Twinkle attempts to be. The author describes Twinkle as lively and more americanized than Sanjeev, this is evident in her desire to keep the Christian statues. Twinkle is open-minded and has found Christian artifacts lying around the house which she loves to find and show off, “Oh, we must, we sim...

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...e loved it” (Lahiri 157). With his realization of this he gets the idea that not all things are perfect and “he decided these were among the things that made Prabal think she was wow” (Lahiri 157).

Twinkle and Sanjeev is a couple that will be able to reconcile their differences and work things out. Sanjeev came to a revelation in him by looking at the bust of Christ, which made him see the real reason why he feels so much dislike in the artifacts. The house was perfect for Sanjeev and Twinkle because it is a blessed house and helped Sanjeev see what was most important to him, Twinkle. By the end of thestory the theme is realized by Sanjeev and makes him think that Twinkle is what he truly needs; “now he had one, a pretty one, from a suitably high caste, who would soon have a master’s degree. What was there not to love” (Lahiri 148).
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