The Development of Ancient Medicine & Influences

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Many different cultures have tried different methods as to find out about the causes of disease and how to treat different kinds of diseases. Various countries have come up with alternate cures and treatments for various diseases. These ancient societies compromise of China, Greece, Egypt and South America. They practiced a wide range of cures for their patients, and they specialize in different fields. For example, meditation and acupuncture were practices in China. Dissection, operations and drug therapy were also performed. But how did theses societies – who did not have as much technology as today – found out about the different illnesses and their cures?

The western medicines usually compromise the use of folk remedies and prayers. They now believed that sickness was not a result of punishments sent from gods, but something ‘natural’. Dissection was performed and thus, they knew more about the internal organs of animals – although they were not allowed to dissect humans yet. Plants were also used as medicines. These were known as herbal medicines. In the eastern countries, there seem to be more on religious treatments, and healing the entire body – not just the deformed part. They believed that the whole body is to be treated to maintain a healthy body and prevent disease.

Various kinds of treatments were discovered throughout the ancient societies. These cures includes trepanning, surgery, herbal medicines, religious or agricultural remedies, and sacrifices. These were the forms of treatments undertaken by the patients. One interesting fact includes the operated remains, especially the trepanning of the skull. A number of these patients survived the treatment, as some of the wounds have signs of healing. Therefore, they...

... middle of paper ... include the use of a doctor’s observance to decide whether a person needs treatment or not. Another type of cure that has survived to today, are surgery and herbal medicines. Operations are an important part in medicine to keep on healthy. When cures are needed, the body is sometimes operated to take out the diseased part. Herbal medicines – especially Chinese medicine – are still available for use in the modern world. Although most of the world now relies on western medicine, some diseases

may not be effective with western medicine, but works with Chinese medicine.

Overall, medicine is always changing, but the useful areas of medicine never stop. The development of medicine will continue to improve, hoping that the best and effective medicines are delivered to patients. However, many medicines still follow the ancient ideas, and some treatments even go on.
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