The Development and Effects of Chemical Weapons

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The focus and the item discussed today will be about Chemical Weapons. The chemical weapon is a device that uses chemicals formulated to inflict death or harm to human beings. The following are some of the questions that will be answered in my paper. What was society like before the discovery of chemical weapons? How did natural resources limit or advance chemical weapons? How are chemical weapons affecting society today? Lastly, what impact will chemical weapons have on the future of the world?
In this paragraph, I will be answering the question what was society like before the discovery of chemical weapons? The use of chemical compounds as well as biological materials dates back to biblical times. Greek historian, Thucydides recorded the use of arsenic smoke by the Spartans against the Athenin city of Delium. During the Peloponnesian war in 425A.D, the use of poisons fell out of favor in the 18th and 19th century. The British in the Crimean war rejected the use of cacodyl and cyanide shells dismissing them as a bad mode of warfare as they poison the lives of the enemy. In 1862, New York school teacher, John W. Doushty wrote to the US Secretary of war suggesting methods of how to use poisonous gas on the enemy.

The next question that will be answered is how did natural resources limit the use of chemical weapons? The most significant development is the revolution in the life science and related technologies including a growing overlap between Chemistry and Biology. There is an increased understanding of the foundations of biological systems as a result, the mapping of the human and other genomes as well as the advances of the structural biology and the study of proteins. The intersection between Ch...

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...s and the harm they can have on mankind and how they are bad for the world. I talked about some of the history of chemical weapons and how that had impact on the wars back in history and the problems that they incurred back then. I also talked about what the government and organizations are doing to keep chemical weapons out of the picture of warfare and to kill the world and people who live on it.
To keep a chemical war from starting and using weapons of mass destruction from ever happening. This paper also talked about some of the medical breakthroughs with the form of chemical weapons on the people that are sick and to help cure them in ways that the chemical was made to do so. We all hope that the world will not come to us using chemical weapons on each other this is why we try so hard to keep them out of the hands of people that want to cause destruction.

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