The Day Will Come

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Robinson laid there, wondering how Kravic was going to die, the easy way? or the hard way?

Vlagan phoned n. "Time you're aiming, shooting, and agility to run, if not, you die." Vlagan clicked off.

Robinson still ln his position nodded lightly, a girl was with Kravic.

"Kravic dear, why don't we go to-" The girl was cut off by Kravic.

"Shut the hell up! can't you see im busy?" Kravic looked out the window still while the girl looked at him in disgust,

"Bitch." She thought to herself as he turned around,

"I'm looking for a reason why I feel like I am about to get-" Just before he knew it, he got shot in the head, the girl, Saturn smirked.

"It's what you got, right dear?" she walked outside to the limo, "Vamos, now." The Driver nodded driving off into the streets.

"Greg here! we just got a murder! Kravic Choles! I repeat! Kravic Choles is dead! driving down there!"

"Copy that Hound 6, this is Fox 12 in the chopper awaiting command."

Vlagan phoned in again, "You got too many cops on your tail, only option: Run."
Vlagan clicked off,

Robinson jumped down running, Greg lo...
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