Analysis Of The Lovely Bones

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Introduction The Lovely Bones begins with the protagonist, Susie Salmon detailing the day that her neighbour, George Harvey, lured her to an underground room that he had built. With a brief introduction, Alice Sebold skips right into the savage killing of the main character and allows her to narrate her own story from a first-person, omniscient point of view. George Harvey, a man that possessed a sort of one-dimensional kindness, raped and killed her with little to no mercy. Her death was unavoidable, and she knew that herself – Susie had followed every single command from her killer, knowing that the end was near. “I knew he was going to kill me. I did not realize then that I was an animal already dying.” However, the most central character…show more content…
The Inbetween, holding some negative connotations that it refers to the unknown, was where Susie described her new home. However, in the near conclusion of the novel she speaks of her home as Heaven, which is thought of as the place where all the good souls go , above the sky and the grand world. It can be deduced that Susie has moved on, and finally let go of all the past atrocities and learned to love her new home. Her emotions and missing of her home and the familiarity, as well as her constant desire to impose surveillance on her family and friends show that she cares, and would stop at nothing to make sure that everything on Earth was going well. Her love for those on Earth never fades, but instead she learns to deal with her emotions and inquisitiveness by coming to terms with her death and letting go of occurrences on Earth that she can do nothing about. Ultimately, Susie Salmon evolves into an individual who is more mature than at the start of the novel, finding closure regarding her improper murder and thus find comfort and

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