The Dangers of Distracted Drivers

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Did you know that most wrecks today are caused by distracted drivers? Although, using cell phones are banned while driving, people still use them illegally, causing many wrecks. There are many ways to be considered as a distracted driver, such as texting, using a cell phone, talking to others in the car, grooming, watching a video, adjusting car settings, eating and/or drinking, and reading maps or books.
How has texting impacted the number of wrecks in the United States? “The government says that 3,092 people died in one year in “distractions- affected” crashes, a newly refined measurement meant to tally effect of texting, phoning or simply answering a cell while driving. There was one wreck every 11 U.S. traffic deaths.” www.content. One way to end texting and driving is to educate others about the danger it causes. About 421,000 people were hurt in a car crash involving a distracted driver during the year of 2012. Overall, to stop wrecks that engage in texting is to either let others text for you or wait until you have reached you designated place to text back.
How has the cell phone ban law effect drivers’ behavior? Study show that people who talk on cell phones tend to be more unsafe drivers, says a new study from MIT that included a test drive. Studies also state that you can take the driver away from the cell phone but you cannot take the behavior away from the driver “”. These also involve 108 people, equally divided into three age groups, which is in the age range of 20s, 40s, and 60s. As a result, if more people obey by the cell phone ban law while they are driving, their behavior as a driver will improve and they won’t be considered as a distract...

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...d thing to be considered as a distracted driver. It’s not safe to text and drive, to use a phone and drive, talk to others in the car with you and try to focus and drive, grooming, watching a video and try to drive, adjusting your car setting and try focusing driving, eating and/ or drinking, and neither is reading a book or map. You should either have someone do it for you or wait until you have reached you designated area to do the thing you would like to do. Most wrecks would not happen if people would have most of their focus on the streets and not on other things.

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