The Crucible by Arthur Miller

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Arthur Miller has used the idea of the real witchcraft trials in 1962 that has been happening in Salem in America and he decided to use this type of ideas to write the play called “The Crucible” and used a representation of McCarthyism which is the witch hunt organisation which began in 1938 in America and the hypothesis of witchcraft is still inspired by the people and the audience today. Arthur Miller demonstrates how people were easily being accused and blamed in any reasons and with little amount of proof were to be punished. Arthur Miller used a variety of dramatic devices such as sentence structure, interrupting speeches, short responses and also stage directions which give the audience an impression of the feelings and the reactions in the atmosphere of the character’s in particular. Arthur Miller shows a lot of dramatic situations especially in Act 3 where the situation is involving most of the characters and also shows Abigail Williams dramatic exaggerated reaction of seeing spirits as a way of blaming other characters and taking in the attention of the judges but somehow the relationship between Elizabeth and Proctor will make the audience to care for them as Miller used remarkable stage directions in that Act .This also clarifies tension that is building up from Act 1 to Act 2 then in Act 3 the tension is out of control in the court which implies the attraction of interest of the audience. As the Witch craft accusation proofs rises seeing that the act of Abigail William’s frustrated reactions is more considered by the court it suggests that the ending of the play will be dramatic.

The tension rises as Mary warren enters the courtroom frightened and scared a she “keeps her eyes to the ground” this suggests that she fear...

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...nocence and for being left out.

In conclusion the end of act mirrors the end of act 3. As Proctor says at the end of act 2 “the wind ,Gods icy wind will blow “ .Proctor shows a belief of god that there is still hope to save Elizabeth also to prove that Abigail acts were all a pretence and in addition he shows anger over Mary as she doesn’t want to confess the truth. This also shows the violence of Proctor. however at the end of act 3 Proctor says” a fire, a fire is burning “ this show that proctor lost belief of god even though he confessed that didn’t help to prove that all this witch hunts were all a pretence instead he got to hang the next morning . This makes the audience as well as the reader feel lost and unfair. To conclude .in miller time there were no way of making up if you made a mistake and you would be hanged the next morning as they did for Proctor.

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