The Crucible John Proctor Character Analysis

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667 words

In The Crucible, John Proctor’s well respected name throughout Salem is destroyed when his downfall is initiated by two human flaws, pride, lust and a bad temperament , which to a great extent qualifies him to be the tragic hero. Arthur Miller uses John Proctor’s character to convey a universal depiction of tragedy through Proctor’s faults and the faults in the society in which he lives. Proctor’s character is a caustic combination of pride and self-loathing, which results in him being a very independent person with greater self-esteem and morality than others in Salem. However, the flaw that is his bad temper is a result of his sense of pride that he carries with him throughout the play. There are several occasions throughout the play where …show more content…

Proctor takes advantage of this opportunity when he shows gracious acts of selflessness during the trials. For example, when Abigail and her friends begin to act like they are being frozen and Marry starts to falter, it becomes clear that the only way John can prove Abigail is lying is to admit to adultery. “I have made a bell of my honor! I have rung the boom of my good name --- you will believe me, Mr. Danforth! My wife is innocent…” John Proctor protests in his last attempt to prove that his wife and all the others accused are innocent. This is the turning point in the story for Proctor’s character development when finally puts others before himself. Throughout the book, Proctor has always stood up against authority to prove the innocence of himself and his wife; however this is the point where he sacrifices his good name for the truth. In the end, he preserves his pride and dignity by discarding his bad temper and providing the honest truth when he must either plead guilty and keep his life or be hung. Proctor’s declaration of his true innocence and assuming responsibility for his actions makes him symbolic of maintaining one’s personal integrity, which many in Salem fail to do. Proctor is a respectively good man who was taken to sin by his lust for

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how arthur miller uses john proctor's character to convey a universal depiction of tragedy through his faults.
  • Analyzes how proctor's character is a caustic combination of pride and self-loathing, which leads to his arrest and sentence to death.
  • Analyzes how the flaws that make john proctor a tragic hero provide him with the opportunity to overcome them and prove to the world that he is willing to put others before himself.
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