The Crucible Character Analysis Essay

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In the novel The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, highlights a powerful drama based on the chaotic Salem Witch Trials. Salem is governed strictly where the bible is the law and anyone who doesn 't follow the law must be acquainted with the Devil. Witchcraft started by a group of girls getting caught "dancing in the woods" (Trevino). In Salem, dancing was prohibited and the girls knew they were in trouble so without thinking twice they started accusing others of being seen with the Devil. The main character in Salem is John Proctor that portrays the classic tragic hero who falls to his death. This allowed the reader to fully understand that he is a honorable, simple, virtue, and "sinner" man (Miller 19). In his lifetime, he runs into trouble with Abigail that ruined his relationship with God, his wife Elizabeth, and also damaged his self image. We see the external conflict that Miller illustrates with John and the Salem Witch Trials that is examined on his use of two tools: plot and characterization.…show more content…
He holds a good name and is highly respected in the town. Upon request, Proctor couldn 't even remember the ten commandments. This came to a shock to him because he is present in church almost every week. Then by breaking his marriage vows, he felt judged by God himself. He truly believed that the affair damaged him in the eyes of God. Good things that happen are from God, and the bad things that happen are the Devil 's doings. God forgives us for our sins if we ask, although Puritan 's belief is if the people don 't live by the law then they will be struck by fire. Knowing himself, he is questioning his relationship with God because he is the one who disobeyed his beliefs and doubts his love. In Proctor 's honesty he thinks he is "no saint" (127). Despite his unforgetful sin, he tries to attempt to at least save his

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