The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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Review Lone Star College of Kingwood put on for its fall production The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Its doors opened on October 29th, 2015 with showings all the way to November 1st 2015. On its opening night, the performance drew in a packed theatre audience of all ages, but mainly young adults and up; all who seemed captivated throughout the show time. With astonishing actors such as Hailey Orman and Seth Carter Ramsey along with the rest of the ensemble bring this not far from the truth story of a dark moment in American history to life. The Author Arthur Miller was struck with the idea for The Crucible while “Senator Joseph McCarthy and the House Comittee on Un- American Activites were prosecuting alleged Communists from the State Department to Hollywood” (The New Yorker). This drove Arthur Miller to visit “Salem in 1952 and read transcripts. He began to reconstruct the relationship between John and Elizabeth Proctor and Abigail Williams, who would become the central characters in "The Crucible." He related to John Proctor, who, in spite of an imperfect character, was able to fight the madness around him. The Salem court had moved to admit "spectral evidence" as proof of guilt; as in 1952, the question was not the acts of an accused but his thoughts and intentions. Miller understood the universal experience of being unable to believe that the state has lost its mind” (The New Yorker). Over the years, many have put on this show without knowing the full history behind it. It didn’t just stem from a dark moment in American history. Instead, Miller is kind of drawing a parallel that shows history repeating itself. With this latest production, it seems that the theatre department of Lone Star delivered this play to its full extent. ... ... middle of paper ... ... also didn’t have the body language and actively listening down. When he would move or sit down, he sit with the posture of a young adult which he himself is. Not one of a Reverend in 1692. He even at one point was sitting with his legs spread apart, elbows on his thighs, and hands holding his head up. This looked as if someone was bored, not stressed. He tugged at his collar in most scenes and when he was not speaking, you could see the difference in him when it got closer for him to pop back into the conversation. Conclusion The Crucible was amazing to watch and well thought through. It has set the standard in all aspects of theatre for future productions of not just this showing, but future projects as well. Everything flowed nicely and the actors bounced off one another very professionally. This performance, minus the small details, was wonderfully put together.

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