The Crucible

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"'A person is either with this court or he must be counted against it, there be no road between.'" Act 3, Scene 1 pg. 87 . The characters in the play are either portrayed as good or evil with no in between , which makes life even harder for them . Salem mislabeled people in town as good or evil , but they had very little or no evidence at all to support it . Salem labels Rebecca nurse as a witch and evil , when really she was innocent and took care of everyone's babies. Abigail was an evil character who was a liar, vindictive and careless , the people of Salem viewed her as good character . In the play Rebecca Nurse was a babysitter of Mrs Putnam babies , when the babies would die of illness or other reasons that couldn't be treated , it was blamed on Rebecca Nurse . Rebecca Nurse given birth to many children with no problems . When Ann Putnam gave birth to her babies many dies , this caused envy to Rebecca Nurse which caused her to get arrested. Parris [trembling] Rebecca , Rebecca , go to her , we're lost . She suddenly cannot bear to hear the the Lord's ". (Pg 31). In the beginning of Act 1 Betty was laying down in bed supposedly sick, she can't get up and her dad Parris starts to lose hope . In the play Rebecca nurse is represented as a strong figure , she tries her best to help the ill people with only great intentions . Usually she was the one to go to help for . Proctor : (I mean it solemnly ) Rebecca : (I like not the smell of this "authority") Rebecca : No you cannot break charity with your minister . You are another kind kind John clasped his hand, make your peace (31) ". Proctor , Rebecca Nurse, and Parris are having a discussion , Parris tries to warn Proctor that there is a battle going on between the go... ... middle of paper ... ...or they probably didn't have any at all but this caused a lot of chaos and executions. Rebecca Nurse was one of the characters who was claimed evil , when really she was basically innocent and didn't have nothing to do with murder of the babies she took care of . Abigail was also mislabeled as a good character when she was really a huge liar and careless of anything that happened in the story. Lastly Marry Warren was a character who was good she liked a little power here and there but she did what was right , but this obviously didn't get her no where . So to save her from being executed she started to lie. In the play being the opposite of good was the way to go , being innocent and staying drama free wasn't going to get you anywhere but executed . Everything was backwards , the concept wasn't right and there wasn't any evidence to prove the witchcraft trials .

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