The Creationism Debate

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Creationism being taught in public schools is not right because there are many beliefs about how the earth was created. Many science teachers have different beliefs on this particular subject. Some believe it should not be taught in public schools but on one’s own time at home, church, or another place. Other science teachers think students should be taught all the believable theories about evolution and creationism. Some science teachers have gotten in trouble with the law by not obeying other laws regarding evolution and creationism. This has lead to a lot of controversy in the science world. Even though many students have different views on creationism, not all of them are very accurate in the ways they portray the teachings of evolution and creation. This is why others should stop fighting about creationism and start obeying and respecting laws regarding this topic. It has been polled that many teachers across the country do not prefer to teach creationism in classrooms. A Plos Biology poll states that only 12-16% of the nations biology teachers are creationist in orientation. It also says that about 1/6 of the teachers professed the “young earth” belief and 1/8 say they teach creationism in a positive light (Plos Biology). This statistic tells the public that creationism is not very popular. Teachers who do teach creationism run the risk of being ridiculed in the way they are teaching their students. Some science teachers do not even know what is appropriate to teach in the classroom, and they are overwhelmed with their jobs. This is just one reason why many biology teachers and others are against creationism. There are also many different laws regarding creationism. The U.S. Supreme Court has held that it is u... ... middle of paper ... Battle Heats up in US Public Schools." Answers in Genesis - Creation, Evolution, Christian Apologetics. 8 Feb. 2002. Web. 29 Apr. 2010. . Berkman, Michael B., Julianna Pacheco, and Eric Plutzer. "Evolution and Creationism in America's Classrooms: A National Portrait." Plos Biology. 20 May 2008. Web. 29 Apr. 2010. . Ham, Ken. "Creationism: The Biggest Threat? - Answers in Genesis." Answers in Genesis - Creation, Evolution, Christian Apologetics. 28 Oct. 2008. Web. 12 May 2010. . DeWolf, David K. "Evolution and Dissent - The Boston Globe." 11 June 2007. Web. 12 May 2010. .
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