The Contemporary Film's Influence Of Style In Contemporary Cinema

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We often over look small particular visual and artistic choices made by directors in contemporary films today, but when analysing these decisions we can see that there is a definitive influence of style. For example the French New Wave or commonly known as La Nouvelle Vague, was created post world war II and although the main movement died out before the 70s, it still has an important place in the industry to this day. Its characteristics and techniques are unlike many seen before its time. The style motivated numerous directors throughout its wake as well as other cinema movements following its time in the spotlight. The originality of the wave could be considered as one of the most captivating changes in cinema history. Firstly what…show more content…
However there are still directors that find opportunistic films to engrave the new wave style within the production. They are not entirely based on the principles that the cinema tech group developed but they do inherit certain traits. For instance Quentin Tarantino’s 1994 Pulp Fiction takes three coherent story lines which are all tightly intertwined to one another. The film adopts a naturalistic dialogue approach, which is more like an everyday conversation as opposed to a really intense heavily scripted piece, which sometimes can be too much for the audience to follow. Natural lighting aids to the perception of the location, by only using the available light source on the site. The cinematography from pulp fiction has many similarities to that of the new wave, with hand held tracking shots and pans that follow the subject sometimes even longer then necessary just to establish the location and to give it that extra bit of realism. Tarantino uses a variety of real locations in his movie opposed to using studios and constructed sets. This is for the audience to grasp a real insight into the world that not only he has created for the particular characters but that of the actual location as well. Tarantino in some aspects uses his locations almost as if they were a character themselves much like the…show more content…
Without it who knows what would have happened? Today’s industry, weather its Hollywood or just a young free lance videographer, owes a tremendous debt to Godard, Chabrol, Truffaut and Rivette’s work. Millions have been inspired to make films from these works and they continue to enthuse a whole new generation of young film makers regardless of their timeless aging. And although contemporary cinema is heading in a new direction, audiences will always have a soft spot for the genuine realism, the outstanding improvisation and intellectual story telling of the new wave style. Hopefully directors into the future will still implement the brilliant theories within their
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