The Constitution And The Constitution

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“The Constitution is the guide which I never will abandon.” words of George Washington. In Philadelphia, on September 17, 1787, George Washington and the Delegates of the Constitutional Convention signed and agreed to The Constitution of the United States. The exploration of creating a new government with the United States Constitution, led to encounter other constitutions. This encounter affected how the government will run by the rights people have, the laws that were made, and the branches.
Around the 1780’s, The Founding Fathers were going over some constitutions and having meetings to see what they agreed and what they disagreed. While discussing, they made a law that states, “On the second Monday of May, the Founding Fathers revise the Constitution.” (National Archives and Records Administration) Of course this law was for back then, but even till this day the government goes over the laws and any changes that could be made. Back then, while they revised the Constitution, they explored the rights of the citizens and tried to include it in the Constitution. “The Delegates examined every phrase of the Constitution through the prism of the conflicting interests they represented...History, Political
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As said before, “The delegates examined every phrase of the constitution through the prism of the conflicting interests they represented….History, Political Theory, their own interest and devotion to the constitution, all informed their thinking.” (National Archives and Records Administration) They looked at the other constitutions and reviewed them. While reviewing, they looked at them and saw which laws were working. The ones that were they would try to apply them into the constitution. The ones that they found wouldn’t work, they would try to change them. What they didn’t think would work best for their country they would just
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