The Complex Process of Teaching EFL Students a New Language

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“It is no longer a question of whether to take advantage of authentic material in foreign language instruction, but of how to harness them and guide our students in their use” -Paulsen, 2001-. The implementation of authentic material is causing an effect in different aspect of education, and changing the way how we teach and learn. Motivating EFL students to develop in the target language is a very complex process. Teachers and researchers have accepted motivation as one of the most important factors that influences a person to initiate learning a foreign language (L2). Wlodwoski (1999) defines motivation as “the process that can (a) arouse and instigate behavior, (b) give direction or purpose to behavior, (c) continue to allow behavior to persist, and (d) lead to choosing or preferring a particular behavior”. Based on the previous statement, those are some of the reason of the importance of working on students’ motivation as well as choosing the correct material to present to students in order to encourage them to learn and produce a foreign language. Because of lack of students’ motivation to speak English in speaking lessons, there will be implemented dynamic classes with the use of authentic material in order to make them feel in a comfortable rapport throughout English classes.
Authentic material, a meaningful teaching technique throughout ESL classes. According to Larsen-Freeman (2000), one of the characteristics of the communicative language teaching is the use of authentic materials, “it is necessary to give language learners opportunities to learn the language in the way how it is actually used in the real world.” Based on the previous statement, there are some concepts of “authentic material” according to so...

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