The Columbine High School Shooting

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A deeper look into the lives of two teenage boys Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold who both Attended Columbine High School in Littleton Colorado, Why would two middle class Seemingly comfortable boys plan and Successfully carry out a deadly massacre on their fellow students and teachers. An In-depth look into their lives leading up to the tragic shootings on April, 20th 1999 that claimed the lives of 12 students, one teacher and themselves who committed suicide. Bullied Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were both High School Seniors in their last full month at Columbine High School. They had met each other in the first year at Columbine High School in the 9th grade and bonded because they were both socially awkward and rejected in the social ladder of Columbine High School. Brooks Brown, A childhood to shooter Dylan Klebold said on TV documentaries how Dylan has always been bullied since a young age. Brooks Brown and Dylan Klebold were drawn to each other because according to Brooks, they were the “weird” kids in the class. This same tag was also used to join Dylan and Eric as friends in High School. Eric and Dylan’s friendship was based off them feeling like the school geeks and left out. Dylan was extremely tall at six foot two and Eric Harris was also tall, but a bit shorter at 5 foot 10. The two of them were skinny and described by many as “ugly”. Both Eric and Dylan according to Brooks Brown never had girlfriends and died virgins. Eric and Dylan were both expressive teenage boys and both expressed their current feelings through their diaries which were found after death. They both echoed depression and hatred for mankind. Both young men suffered depression in different ways. Dylan always felt he was ugly and odd looking. He... ... middle of paper ... involved. Being their last month at Columbine High School, they wanted to change that and become immortalized forever. Eric and Dylan had an obsession for all things guns and violence. They came prepared, ordered their guns a year in advance for the shooting. They did not only have guns knives which they intended to use, and homemade bombs that were placed strategically in the school cafeteria where most people were, if these bombs had been wired correctly, the fatality would have been higher which is what they planned for. Eric and Dylan beyond doubt suffered depression, which ultimately lead to suicidal thoughts and plans. Their friendship did not help the situation. They consoled each other through violence and hatred of the world. Eric was filled with more rage and Dylan was filled with worthlessness and deep depression, combined it was a recipe for disaster.

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