The Coffee Shop

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The Coffee Shop has been around since 1992. Many people waltz in and out of The Coffee Shop everyday, you may even be one of these people who on route to class make a quick stop. But as you exit the building did you notice the small crack at the base of the wall. Where an upset employee threw a tray of mugs? Most likely not, This is one of the many stories that have been shared with me by employees of The Coffee Shop, regular customers, and people who have never stepped foot into The Coffee Shop at. With a place that has been around as long as The Coffee Shop has you are bound to have some good tales to tell. One begins with an innocent looking collegiate sophomore strolling into The Coffee Shop. As he strutted into the café with ill intentions he assessed the local talent residing within the edifice. He couldn't help but want to sit next to the only dark haired woman sipping on a java in the corner. The attack was on, recognizing the book she was reading he approached her with a nonchalant question. "Are you studying for the math test this week?" He knew she was, and her answer as expected was, "yes". It was all down hill from here. Playing the innocent schoolboy, he skillfully manipulated past her hesitant demeanor, and convinced her into studying with him that night at the cafe. He met her at Jitters as planned and the night turned into a great study session. Which he planned, as he did not want to seem overly aggressive or desperate. As the night winded down so did her guard, he asked her if she would like something to drink. She was very receptive to his proposal. He chose a nice expresso with a shot of amarettto. He could tell that after studying with her for the whole night she was trusting to his op... ... middle of paper ... ...stories piece together? The answer to that is simple, they don't. These stories true or false are recollections of people who have had some type of encounter with Jitters café. And what an amazing café it is. So, you can listen to people such as Evan Larkin who has never been to Jitters and states "coffee houses are all the same, and The Coffee Shop is no different. It's people who think they are better than everyone else and have an attitude, that's not for me, only fags go there." Or you can take the ½ mile walk from campus and find out for yourself. Now the choice is in your hands, "I'll be here tomorrow round the same time, stop by!" Bibliography: Chrissy "Jitters employee". Interview. 27 Mar. 2014 Erica "Coffee shop regular". Interview. 26 Mar. 2014 Steve "Coffee shop regular. Interview. 20 mar. 2014 Larkin, Evan. Interview. 29 Mar. 2014

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