The Civil War

I. The Civil War was a time in American history built on growing tension and sectionalism. The constant battle over slavery between the North and the South would leave the Union anything but united. No number of compromises could stop the significant indifferences between the North and the South. Many events led to the horrific Civil War, but all of these events happened because of one reason; slavery.The Missouri Compromise, Fugitive Slave Act, and the Election of 1860 were the most significant of these events that led to the war. II. The Missouri Compromise would be the very beginning of the nation breaking apart. In 1817, Missouri applied for statehood, however, the people of Missouri wanted to be a slave state. Missouri's statehood would make slave states have the majority in congress, which scared the North. The nation argued about the state admittance of Missouri for months. Speaker of the House, Henry Clay, developed a compromise. Clay suggested that Maine be admitted as a free state, and grant Missouri its statehood, making it a slave state. The compromise would balance powe...

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