The Choice to Stay in School

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I was always taught that if I did not stay in school, then I would not be successful. In some cases, people get lucky and find a decent job where they can live comfortably or at least out of poverty. But generally that is not the circumstance. Staying in school is one of the first most important choices you make because finishing with a diploma is the beginning of your career path. Students have numerous reasons for not completing school but there are just as many to stay in school but chose not to realize them. An education can lead to endless opportunities, but without one the consequences can be severe. The choice whether to stay in school should be simple, find the reasons to stay and finish for a more successful future. Background and History Someone with a high school diploma will have advantages over someone without one. With a diploma, it is easier to continue schooling to have more of an advantage in career paths. High schools also teaches valuable lessons that will be used in adulthood as well as offers experiences teenagers should encounter to help them shape them as people. Everyone has different lives outside of school and may have to deal with worse circumstances than others. But school should be seen as a getaway from the outside world because high school may seem tough; life afterwards tends to be tougher. School can be the escape needed, and a learning lesson for future obstacles. Some students cannot have school be a getaway from the outside world and are force to drop out. Other students feel as school is not a necessity or have something come up which they consider a good enough reason to drop out. Dropping out is defined as leaving school without a diploma or something equivalent such as a GED. There are... ... middle of paper ... ... of a reason to stay in school. Even though money does not buy happiness, it is nice to have. Graduating from high school will earn you one hundred and forty three dollars more from a job than dropping out (Top 5 Reasons to Stay in School, 2013). My favorite part of graduating was proving to everyone who did not think I could, and show others that may be considering dropping out how awesome it feels to be a graduate. Forget the reasons to drop out, and remember all the reasons to stay in school. Graduating high school can be just the beginning of a new life. Staying in school can increase your opportunities and your future income. Though it may seem like hard work, the outcome will always be worth it. Thinking of a successful future is much more exciting than thinking of the consequences you have to face being a high school dropout. So, be cool and stay in school!
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