The Chennakesava Sanctuary Complex

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About Chennakesava Sanctuary Chennakesava Sanctuary is one of the finest confirmations built utilizing delicate soapstone. The antiquated hallowed place at Velapuri fitting in with the Hoysala period is famous for the 48 cut columns in different outlines. Chennakesava or Master Vishnu is the head divinity of the Chennakesava Sanctuary complex. The sanctuary was sancified to check the triumph of Ruler Vishnuvardhana of Talkad over the Cholas throughout 1117. Carvings of elephants, scenes from the Puranas, the Upanishads and the legends of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata draw consideration of vacationers. Some different attractions of the complex are the models of Madanakai maidens and carvings in navaranga. Alongside the sanctuary, there are a few places of worship in the rectangular complex called as veranda. The majority of the complex is in remains containing pillared hypostyle lobby (navaranga), a square vestibule (antale) and stellate vimana. In the perplexing, there is a sanctum named as Kappe Chennigaraya Sanctuary. The sanctuary was developed by Shantalad...

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