The Character of Pavel as a Revolutionary Hero in Gorky's Novel, Mother

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Mother by Maxim Gorky

Question: Evaluate the character of Pavel as a revolutionary hero in “Mother”.


“Mother” is a masterpiece of Maxim Gorky where he depicts a revolution against the bourgeois society. Being greatly influenced by the thoughts and philosophy of Lenin, Maxim Gorky is greatly shocked and frustrated by the ignorance, poverty and sufferings of his country people. He wants to establish the equal rights of the people in the society. In this novel Pavel is a character portrayed with a revolutionary spirit and Maxim Gorky shows his philosophy and dreams through the character of Pavel in this novel.

After the death of his father, Pavel, who is only a teenaged boy, joins the factory and there he learns the collective power of the proletariat. He discovers that the working class is the real agent of change in society. That leads him to a series of study circles and book-reading sessions in which like-minded, socialist workers actively take part. The studious, caring and politically aware person Pavel becomes a hero of the revolutionary circle.

We see Pavel...
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