The Change of Nazis' Treatment of the Jews From 1939-45

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The Change of Nazis' Treatment of the Jews From 1939-45

Hitler and the Nazi party managed to kill six million Jews throughout

Europe by the end of 1945. This systematic process of killing between

the years 1939 and 1945 is known as the holocaust. There were five key

issues that led to the Wansee conference that took place in 1942

before the Nazi's decided upon the "final solution to the Jewish

problem. These events included the outbreak of World War II, Hitler's

personal agenda against the Jewish population, the rise and power of

the SS and the failures of other solutions put forward to "get rid" of

the Jewish problem.

The start of the war in 1939, robbed the Jews of what little

protection they had. The threat of sanctions being imposed on Germany

by other nations as a result of any attempt by the Nazi party to

publicly put into practise any anti-Semitic activities no longer

mattered as Germany did not care what other nations thought of it

during wartime. There would be no interference from other countries

and with the attention of the world focused on the war; the Nazi's

could eliminate the Jews in the background, away from public

attention. The war also meant that the Jewish problem the Nazi's had

on their hand was increasing as they conquered more and more lands.

One of the biggest problems they faced was the three million Jews they

acquired through the invasion of Poland. The new lands the Nazi's

invaded and took over were originally planned to be the destination

for Jews through forced emigration however that was now not possible

as the Germans citizens would expect the land to be used as

"lebensraum". The start of the wa...

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...ed up and gas was pumped into the chambers. Within

minutes the Jews were killed and could be disposed off. Camps were

built in Belzec, which killed 500,000 victims, at sobibor where

200,000 Jews died and also at Auschwithz, the most popular of all the

camps in which more than a million Jews were killed!

It seems the Wansee conference was the biggest turning point in the

change of policy. The Nazis had tried many different methods before

settling on the Final Solution, which was the most efficient solution

to their problem. With the aide of propaganda, Hitler was able to pull

of mass murder and genocide under the noses of the German public who

felt no remorse for the wasting of human lives that went on in their

back gardens. The holocaust progressed during the years 1939-45,

leading to the treatment of Jews worsening.
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