The Change And Continuity Of Mental Health Treatment

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The Change and Continuity of Mental Health Treatment People often see mental illness as a unique and modern phenomenon, but the reality is chemical, physical, and genetic influences have been causing illnesses since the conception of human existence. Mental disorders affect one in every four people and have for a very long time. While mental disorders remain constant, the treatment for people with mental health concerns has undergone radical transformation throughout the course of time. The first mental asylums can be traced back nearly 19 centuries ago in remote foreign countries. Before there were intuitions and places for the sick to reside; families who had members suffering from mental health disorders were obligated to keep their sick relatives amongst them in their own homes. Whether it is within the home of their loved ones or locked away in an institution, most people suffering of mental disorders have been treated as prisoners, rather than patients. The significant amount of change in mental health treatment boils down to the different methods for curing and the patient’s living conditions. To compare and contrast, the advancements of mental health care have changed substantially from the 19th century to present day, 21st century. It wasn’t until the 19th century that urbanization allowed greater access to mental asylums and treatments began to flourish. During this century, there was massive growth in specialized institutions for the mentally ill. Although accompanied by greater access and rapid expansion, people who had mental illnesses were placed in institutions that were filthy and often not taken care of. With newly found access to these facilities, it was in the 19th century when overcrowding became a profound... ... middle of paper ... ...ited resources compared to now. Like discussed earlier, with time has come greater advancements, new discoveries, better understandings, and other evolutionary measures. Our society has made significant advances in science and technology, but there once was a time we didn’t have everything we do today. A lot has changed from the 19th century to present day in terms of mental health treatments. The significant amount of change in mental illnesses focuses on the different methods for curing and the patient’s living conditions in both time periods. The 19th century was both an attempt to a mental health field that encompasses proper health and cleanliness, but is still close in comparison to a jail. The 21st century still deals with neglect like previous centuries, but is a large industry that is more effective, clean, and has a plethora of readily available treatments
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