The Causes Of Franklin Roosevelt And The Great Depression

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The Great Depression was an overwhelming social and economic change to the culture. The Great Depression was a time of widespread poverty, mass unemployment and national bankruptcy. Following a Stock Market Crash in 1929, series of tragedies including bank failures, job loss, and even drought, harmed America until a set of “New Deal” programs restored their glory. Though the Stock Market Crash was known as the start of the Great Depression there were many more causes such as bank failures and droughts. The Great Depression happened between the years of 1929 and 1939. During this ten year span isolation spread, international trade decreased, unemployment was widely known, and people learned to rely on bank loans. There was also low economic…show more content…
The big hero who ended the Great Depression was Franklin Roosevelt and his brilliant idea. This idea was directed towards solving America’s economic difficulties like the Stock Market Crash, Bank Failures, and overall the Great Depression. Franklin Roosevelt also declared a Bank Holiday in March 1933. All banks were closed until the government inspected them. He also came up with the new deal which saved America and put people back to work. The government relied on impersonal market forces before the Great Depression. Franklin Roosevelt made a speech to America in which he said, “I pledge you, I pledge myself, to a new deal for America.” Franklin Roosevelt 's first act as president was to handle America’s bank crisis’s. He wanted to fix all the bank loans and get banks back in business as soon as possible. On March 3, 1933 all the banks were closed. This closure prevented people from withdrawing. The Bank Holiday was a 4 day shut down. The purpose was to rebuild confidence in the banking system. This helped get banks back to where they were in the 1920’s. Emergency bak reliefs act also helped with the banks. In 1933 this act came out to restore confidence in banks and also help stabilize the systems. There was also many administrations created to help America’s economics. The National Recovery Administration regulated industry, labor, and government. The main goal of this was to join everyone to help America. The Agricultural Adjustment Administration regulated farming and food. They reduced export surplus, curtailed farm production, and raised prices. The public Works Administrations built projects like dams. They used 6 billion dollars in total to help America. The new deal put people back to work. It was federal responsibilities. It was relief for the poor, and the Works Progress Administration created jobs for the unemployed. The
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