Eleanor Roosevelt And The Great Depression

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Could one women bring hope out of the Great Depression? Hope is what keeps people looking ahead and striving for new and better opportunities. The Great Depression was a time of despair and poverty in which people relied on hoped for a better life. One person who seemed to bring this hope to people was Eleanor Roosevelt. She was an activist, politician, diplomat, and first lady. The 1920s and 1930s brought a great despair from the Great Depression that made people searching for hope, which was inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt and even today she continues to bring hope.
The Great Depression was a time in which people persistently hoped for anything to change their horrible living conditions. The Depression was a long economic decline that left
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On October 11, 1884, in New York City Roosevelt was born. During her childhood she was shy and experience extensive sorrow. At the age ten she was a orphan and sent to a school in England. This school helped her become a strong confident women. Soon Roosevelt married her distant cousin, Franklin Roosevelt. He became president of the United States in 1933. During World War One she worked for American Red Cross. They had six children throughout their marriage. While being the president 's wife she changed the way the first lady was perceived. Eleanor Roosevelt focused on the poor, racial discriminations, United State troops, and women. She participated in a newspaper column, press conferences, League of Women Voters, spoke for human rights, and children and women 's issue. She did all of these things while maintaining the white house and caring for her children. In 1945 her husband died and continued to be involved in politics. President Harry Truman and John Kennedy both appointed her positions in politics. Eleanor Roosevelt served on United Nations General Assembly, U.N.’s Human Rights Commission 's, National Advisory Committee of the Peace Corps, and the President 's Commission of the Status of Women. She was considered to me the most outspoken first lady. On the side of her political work she wrote novels about her life. She published around four novel about her life. On November 7, 1962, Eleanor Roosevelt passed away from tuberculosis, heart failure, and aplastic anemia. ("Eleanor Roosevelt Biography"). Throughout her life Roosevelt was active in her role as first lady which brought hope to variou
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