The Case Study : Jim Colbert

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In the case study, Jim Colbert, a third grade teacher, struggles to help a boy named Carlos. This Public School 111 was located in a metropolitan, run down neighborhood. The school was surrounded by drug dealers and trash. However, the inside of the school was bright and welcoming. Here the students were placed according to their abilities, and Jim had a 3-A class for the high achieving students. Jim had a routine that he followed every day. He would take the learning and apply it to the student’s lives with practical examples. To begin the day Jim would go through the homework with the students, and here he began to notice that Carlos was misspelling many of his words. Carlos comprehended the readings, but he was behind in his spelling. Jim talked with the other third grade teacher, Paul, about Carlos. Then, he talked to Carlos about the problem, asking him if he could get help at home. Here Jim discovered that Carlos would get little to no help at home. Jim sent home a dictionary with Carlos so that he could check his spelling, and he saw improvement. However, Carlos was not only having trouble spelling, but also when reading. Jim tried a few new approaches, but there was little to no progress. As Jim dug deeper into Carlos’s background, he came to the conclusion that he cannot expect Carlos to read and talk about things he has never seen or ever thought about. Jim concludes that he does not know what else to do to help Carlos. Thus, giving up hope that Carlos will reach the level he needs to be at. Carlos lacks self-regulation. “Students can make decisions about, direct, monitor, and evaluate their own learning behaviors”(Ormrod, p. 105) Normally, if one is self-regulated, they will set goals and standards for themselve... ... middle of paper ... ... have heard causes them to fall to the ground. Classical conditioning had a negative effect on these students. There are many events in a person’s life that can a ffect how they learn. In the case study we could see how both Carlos’s home life and school life were affecting his learning. Jim could have taken time to help Carlos. Although Carlos was not always going to Mrs. Rush, Jim could have directly taken him to her after school. Another solution could be a parent teacher conference. Here Jim could have stressed the importance of reading and writing. This would show that he cares about Carlos’s learning, and that he cares about the subject. There are many solutions to this case, but in the end becoming an effective teacher could make all the difference for Carlos. “If a child can’t learn the best way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” (Estrada)

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