The Case Of The Tenerife Airport Disaster

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Spencer Perkins 5/29/2014 AVSC 2070 Tenerife Airport Disaster The Tenerife airport disaster happened on March 27, 1977. Five hundred and Eighty Three lives were taken making it the deadliest accident recorded in the history of Aviation. This accident has had a lasting effect on the industry, more specifically affecting the communication between pilots and the control tower. There were a few factors that went into the crash including the fog that made it hard to see on the runway, and a bomb exploding at Gran Canaria Airport that diverted air traffic to the Tenerife North Airport. The treat of a second bomb had passengers and workers on edge and eager to get to their destinations after a delay. However the most notable factor that caused this accident was the lack of communication that caused the two airplanes to collide. However, this was an avoidable accident that shouldn’t have happened and is a great example why clear communication is important in the Aviation field. The fog covered the runway and made it so that neither aircraft could see each other and the personnel in the ...

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