Addiction In The Movie Drugstore Cowboy

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Why addiction is hard to kick 1
Addiction is one of the hardest problems to overcome, yet people often find some reward in abusing drugs. We all ask the question to what makes a person an addict, or why is it so hard for drug addicts to kick a drug problem. However, can we say that getting a hold of drugs is much easier in today’s society, or is it made available to easy. In this day and age, heroine seems to be a major epidemic; furthermore, opiates have been around for centuries. Therefore, people have been battling addiction for as long as opiates have been around. In Drugstore Cowboy, the film takes a look in to the life of four people who rob drugstores in order to support their habit; however, this lifestyle
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The character Bob, who is played by Matt Dillon, is the leader of the group. Bob, is the one who calls all the shots; furthermore, he is always looking for his next score. In the open line of the film, it shows how this group operates in robbing drugstores. Nadine, who is played by Heather Graham, creates a diversion. While the other two Dianne, played by Kelly Lynch, and Rick, played by James Le Gros, are able to work off the cues of Nadine. In order for Matt Dillon’s character to rob the pharmacy. It did not take Bob long before him and his crew were out of sight to start using. It just goes to show the lengths that a person with addiction will go threw in order to get…show more content…
The main character in the movie Bob, seemed to be paranoid all the time, yet Nadine always seemed to be centered right around the reason he was always paranoid. The longer a person abuses drugs; the more a person state can become altered. A key factor in the movie was a hat being placed on the beds, if a hat was on the bed it equaled death. Nadine, was bound and determined to prove this theory to be foolish by placing a hat on the bed, yet in the end she met her fate to an overdose. When the crew found her, Bob believed that Nadine’s death was due to the hat being on the bed. The problem is that Nadine’s death was due to an accidental overdose, and that she simply was not cautious about the drug she was
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