The Call of the Wild

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The best chapter of The Call of the Wild is chapter six “For the Love of a Man.” Chapter six is the chapter in which Buck, the protagonist, begins to live with John Thurston. John saved Buck from his masters that were whipping him and clubbing him nearly to death. Nursing Buck back to health, the pair begins to form a bond like no other, a bond of unconditional, passionate, genuine love. The exuberant John always played with the carefree dogs, including Buck, Skeet and Nig. The bond that Buck and John have leaves them inseparable, and letting them communicate from sweet name callings, and gentle biting on the hand to show their affection. Buck was John’s guardian when John was trying to stop a fight, and he ended up getting mixed into it. Right away Buck is defending his master, protecting from any harm that would happen to come his way. The frightful incident in which John falls into the River, the brace Buck risks his life to save him. Buck being the keen dog he is knew he needed to do a great thing for John. That great thing was to pull half a ton of flour from a dead stand-still and pull in a thousand yards. Priding John and making him teary eyed, Buck accomplished the achievement.

In addition, Chapter six is my favorite chapter because it is the first happy and good thing that has happened to Buck throughout the story. As Jack London tells the story, you begin to get attached to Buck, and the pain he goes through becomes your pain. You see the world through his eyes, and you witness cruel deeds, and you learn along with him as he becomes less and less domesticated. When he finds a loving man, and has found another family to be apart with, you feel his joy. You see the courage that Buck will go to just for one...

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...s who are amazed at how fast Buck learns to the way of his new life. Buck saw the little mercy that other dogs were given, and tended to stay to himself, so he would stay out of trouble. Nevertheless, when the time came when he and Spitz were to fight till the death, he gave the fight his all. As he becomes a strong lead dog, he gets passed around from owner to owner. Residing with amateurs, Hal, Mercedes, and Charles, Buck is pushed harder and harder without any rest. Finally, when he is pushed over the limit, he stops and doesn't move another inch. Hal decides to whip Buck into shape and has nearly beaten the poor dog to death when John Thurston steps in and saves Buck's live. Living with John has shown Buck the power of love and loyalty. However, Buck feels the urge to go back into the wild, to answer his wolf ancestors as they call to him from the woods.
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