The Butterfly Effect

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Director: Eric Bress

Actors: Ashton Kutcher, Amy Smart

Year: 2004

The concept the movie’s based on is that something so small as the fluttering of a butterfly's wings could result into something big. Every time he changes just a small detail in the past, it has dramatic effects later on in the future.

The film begins with a scene where Evan Treborn protagonised by Ashton Kutcher is hiding under a desk writing a note, explaining that if there were anything to save her life, we would do it.

The film goes to 13 years back

When his mother leaves him in the school, and Evan’s teacher warns her of a drawing he made, when she asks Evan, he replies not to remember. SCHOOL

Concerned by the memory of his son, she takes him to the doctor to make him a scanner in the head, but the doctor sees everything is okay, but he recommends to Evan to have a diary where he can write everything, and then remember if he needed to. DOCTOR

Evan is going to the neighbour’s House, when he suddenly suffers another of its lagoons where he doesn’t know why his neighbour George, tells him that they will make a movie. Evan quickly realizes that he is in the basement, naked next to Kayleigh, and being watched by George and Tommy. FILM

Evan`s mom goes back to see the doctor for you of the test results of Evan, who happen to be negative with respect to the "disease of his father". The doctor believes that gaps and losses of consciousness are the result of the stress produced by not having a father figure.

Evan goes to visit his father, Jason, to a psychiatric hospital. While Evan talking nervously with his father, again lost consciousness, and when recovers he is lying on the ground, with his father trying to strangle him. FA...

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.... Manni, no longer in need of the marks, asks Lola what is in the bag she is carrying, only for the film to end before a flash-forward.

How could the butterfly effect help you make positive changes in your life?

Like I told you before the butterfly effect is that very small action that can have a very large effect down the line in our lives, and make everything change. I’m going to tell you how YOU can make your self fell better, more happy with your life in the future.

And now I’m going to focus on how you can make positive changes in your life, some of you might have done a resolution list this year, thinking about the goals you wanted to achieve this 2014, in sports, fitness, school, friends, boyfriends and countless thing you could think of. So… I’m going to share with you, this “one resolution” for this year I really really wanted to play hockey.

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