The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

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The Butterfly Diving Bell sits on my bedside table . It was a busy day when I finished and I'm struggling with how to express my appreciation for the best of the author , Jean - Dominique Bauby . As a beautiful French dessert , each crafted wonderful phrases should be savored. Posted by Bauby bears a sense of humor combined with depression that required for reading and slow digestion . He must have been a Morrissey fan . For those who are not familiar with Mr. Bauby , he was a former general editor of Elle magazine Parisian version . Bauby lived a life full of women , fashion and writing. In his heyday , he toyed with the adaptation of Alexandre Dumas classic tale The Count of Monte - Cristo . He says in the book that "revenge of course was remain the driving force of the action, but the plot takes place in our time, and Monte Cristo a woman." Bauby a man of culture and romance. However at the young age of 43, Bauby suffered a massive stroke that left him in a coma for twenty days. On waking , he found himself mentally sound , but he lost control of his body. He suffered from a rare condition known as locked -in syndrome , which leaves the body paralyzed but brain functioning at maximum capacity . Bauby was trapped in his own body and this is where his story begins . When he wrote The Diving Bell and the Butterfly , Bauby was able to blink and nothing more left eyelid only . For a dramatic effect , to repeat that last line : When writing diver and the Butterfly , Bauby was only able to blink and nothing left eyelid more.Unbelievable but true . Bauby begins this wonderful book describing his awakening from coma. His brain showed a roomful of doctors and nurses , all explain how his life is now changed forever . The person was before (in a tangible sense ) does not exist. He was confined to a bed or wheelchair forever , a prisoner in his own body . Although there were often dark , Bauby not focus on them too often. Most chapters are spent describing the hospital , he lived in , his last joys , visitors and nurses who took care of him . Bauby maintains a tone , positive cognitive Throughout the Movie , laced with bittersweet sadness I've ever met.

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