The Boston Massacre: What Is The True Failure Of The Boston Massacre

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What is the true definition of a massacre? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, it is “the act or an instance of killing a number of helpless or unresisting human beings under circumstances of atrocity or cruelty” (Massacre). This speaks to words like slaughter and mass murder, however it is not always used in the most appropriate way. One of the most well-known events in history uses this word misleadingly in its title. Almost everyone knows about the Boston Massacre; the deaths of five “new world” colonists at the hands of British soldiers. However, to what extent is the truth known? Many people to this day, do not know what actually happened that evening of March 5th, 1770. The factual details are not as important to the event…show more content…
Paul Revere created an engraved photo of what he saw as the “Boston Massacre”. The photo showed soldiers in a straight line, all firing straight at a crowd of colonists (Paul…100). The engraving also depicts Captain Thomas Preston standing behind his men, ordering them to fire (Paul…100). There is no evidence he was present at the time of the massacre, so this photo is not an exact depiction of what happened. However, it encompassed how the colonists felt at the time. They saw the photo and gained more and more hatred for England and the way they were being treated, which is exactly what Paul Revere and other patriots wanted to happen. This is the fuel that was used to try and get the troops removed from Boston. All the events leading up to, and including the Boston massacre, were continually driving a wedge further and further between England and its American Colonies, drawing closer and closer to a revolution. This is exactly what colonists wanted, and they worked their way toward it, slowly fighting and turning against the British. Although they were uniting themselves through hatred and war, the colonists came together and over the years were fighting toward the same goal. The Boston Massacre was possibly one of the biggest motivating factors in the start of the revolutionary war. Therefore, this event should be seen as more of propaganda, rather than a true

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