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Biblical Worldview Essay Although a worldview ensues what a person believes about the great questions of life, a biblical worldview stands far more intense since it’s filtered through the bible and the outlook stays Christ focused. The book of Romans in the Bible provides an example of what a biblical worldview should be like. As a result of Paul’s truths in Romans 1-8, believers have been able to grasp an understanding of the teachings that express the idea of a biblical worldview that God intended us to perceive. Natural World In the book of Romans, my worldview starts by understanding what Paul meant when he said we are all born into this world as sinners; however, we are born again when we turn our lives over to God and are saved by God’s son, Jesus Christ, who gave his life for our sins in order for us to be forgiven by God and now learn…show more content…
That we are all descendants of the first human being, which God created, Adam. And that we all live through Adam’s sin; therefore, we all live with his guilt (Enns, P., 2012). Thus, we as humans were born into sin and slavery, but Got sent his only son, Jesus Christ who saved us and set us free from that misery. So we are now set free from God 's condemnation of his law and no longer have to fear death anymore (Scott, J., 2001). I perceive that since Jesus died on the cross for us in a sense, we died with him too, and were risen as brand new from death just as he was. So now we are to live our life to resemble the kind of person Jesus was that is the ultimate fight we have in this world as human beings (Mills, A. M., 2010). "For until the law sin was in the world: but sin is not imputed when there is no law. Nevertheless the death [principle] reined from Ada until Moses, even over them that had not sinned after the likeness of Adam 's transgression, who is a figure of him that was to come" (Rom. 5:13,
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