The Blues By Amiri Baraka's Blues People

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Blues is a popular music style even today. It is popular because of its characteristic style that later developed other styles and subsets of the primitive blues style and its ability to appeal to a larger audience; therefore, placing the music style into the light of mainstream society. Amiri Baraka, in his work Blues People, says that the blues is a product of the “Negro’s American Experience.” In addition, he adds that the blues “developed as a response to the Negro’s adaption to and adoption of America; it was also a music that arose due to Negro’s peculiar position in this country.” It would be difficult to argue that the blues are not a product of the African American experience. While there are instances where white American individuals…show more content…
Blues music is popular because of the characteristics it contains, for example, the musical form of the style. The simple but “expressive ‘microtonal’ pitch inflections, a three-line textual stanza of the form AAB, and a 12-measure form.” The pitch inflections or expressive notes are called “blue notes.” These notes were not found in the Western major and minor scale systems but did derive from the African musical practice. The form of the blues music was distinct from Western music because of the incorporation of African American musical practices; therefore, validating Amiri Baraka’s assessment of blues being the product of African American experiences and
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