The Birth of Jesus of Nazareth.

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The birth of Jesus of Nazareth.

" To be born or not to be born," The begining is the best place to start, so let's start at the beginning point of the life of Jesus. If we are not sure of where Jesus was actually born, how do we know he was born at all? Should one actually rethink the bible, rather than basing an opinion solely on church hearsay and the mid rash of scripture. Or should we actually see for ourselves, by gathering the evidence ourselves, regardless of how painful the answers may be, whether to the affirmative or to the negative. I would say the objective way to go about it, would be to see for ourselves. The following post, whether you think it righ or wrong, is based on actual well accepted historic facts based on archeological evidence or lack of evidence.

There are well accepted accounts from the bible that Christians and others never question. Events and locations that are part of the story told of Christ and his history. One such is the account of John 1, of the birth of Christ in the lower Galilee town of Nazareth. This town is not mentioned at all, in the old testament, nor in any of the extensive rabbinical literature,and the only established site there, is the ancient town water well. Now refered to as (no surprise) as Mary's well. The modern town is covered with churches also no surprise, and although modern archeology can offer no support at all for them the Nazarenes can point out sites such as Joseph's carpentry shop, the spot where Mary received the annunciation as well as the exact location of mensa Christi, the table at which Jesus dined after his resurrection and the site of the synagogue where Jesus preached as a you boy.

Nazareth may be overrated as a historical site that proves the in...

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...words, said to have been written by St. Luke himself, there was a synagogue in Nazareth. However extensive professional archeological excavation for over a century has only ever found a city well, nothing else, not one single stone of construction remains from this temple anywhere in the vicinity. Also their is no Nazareth hill thus no brow of a hill nor cliff exists or ever existed in the last hundred thousand years. There is not even an elevation or place in Nazareth where such a hill could have existed.

The bare fact is that no evidence of buildings or cliffs of any kind dating to the turn of the era has ever been found at these venerated sites. Christians seem self deluded and St. Luke and the bible have been proven dead wrong. Makes one think, should we question the rest of the bible? If we are not sure where Jesus was born, how can we be certain he was born?
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